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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Pro Workshop

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Rs. 3,500


Facebook & Instagram Marketing Pro Workshop

Facebook is constantly changing, making it more difficult than ever to get visibility for your page. If you’ve noticed a drop in your page’s reach and less engagement from your fans, this class will help. This program will cover advanced Facebook marketing to take your presence on Facebook to the next level. If you want to explore Facebook optimisation, drafting of posts with correct copy and creatives, and work on extensive advertising, then this program is for you. 

Discover the business opportunities on Instagram. In this course, learn how Instagram would help you increase your sales, brand recognition, and online presence. Let’s not forget the power of hashtags and advertising which helps you get connected to the required bloggers and influencers of the digital world.

Who can do this course?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fresh graduates
  • Industry professionals
  • Career evolvers
  • Digital marketers
  • Digital sellers
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • Digital marketing and sales teams in global corporations
  • Senior management in global corporations

Why do this workshop?

  • Understanding how profiles and pages link work together
  • Creating powerful posts that engage your fans
  • Implementing the best practices on your Facebook & Instagram pages.
  • Drawing fans and followers to your page
  • Top tips to drive engagement organically on your pages
  • Discover exactly how to master the hashtag ecosystem
  • How to utilize analytics to improve your page’s performance
  • Strategically sponsor posts to boost your visibility
  • Work with lead forms
  • Master Facebook  & Instagram ads for your business
  • Understand advanced targeting
  • Run retargeting ads [advertise to your email list to maximize your results]
  • Integrate paid campaigns into your overall strategy


  • Introduction
  • Build your page
  • Build your audience
  • Working with Facebook posts: Writing content and designing creatives with Canva.com
  • Engage your audience
  • Advanced page features and settings
  • Advertising fundamentals and exercise.
  • Facebook Groups and marketing
  • Analytics
  • Content planning
  • Developing a posting schedule
  • Optimizing your profile
  • Interacting with the Instagram community
  • Using business-specific filters and hashtags.
  • Adding Instagram photos to other digital platforms
  • Instagram stories and live sessions.
  • Instagram analytics.
  • Advertising on Instagram.

Batch One

22nd April, Saturday.

10 am to 6 pm


Batch Two

To be announced.

Batch Three

To be announced


Nitin Raghani

A BMS graduate from HR College, Nitin P Raghani has been running the agency, NPR Design for eight years. With 125+ successful projects under the agency’s belt, the need to better execute the content marketing process for businesses had been pestering Nitin for a very long time. He believes that content is something the represents the founder and the company and establishes a clear leadership over knowledge leading to a fruitful client-vendor relationship in any business. And, that led him to start educating and training entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiasts the real value of social and digital content.

Nitin is a certified digital marketing and social media content trainer, and his training material comprises of all of his work experience in the form of case studies rather than plain jane theory. He has also trained teams from corporate houses such as NPCI and more.

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Dr. Satish Gala

I use to consider myself as a social media illiterate & also even was averse to Facebook. I use to consider it as a waste of time & never knew that it can be of so much use professionally. But always wanted to learn more about it. I joined Nitin's social media management training course. Nitin took each platform in detail & simplified things very well. he advised each of us about which platform is most suitable for us according to our professions. Nitin took great pains with patience to teach us in-depth about social media. He is calm cool & very sincere in his communication & teaching. I would advise everyone to do this course & enhance your social media skills to make it most advantageous for your profession.

Consulting Homoeopathic Physician

Nimish Mayekar

The course conducted by Nitin from NPR design gives a very good insight into the world of social media marketing plus you get absolute clarity on which media suits the best for your business promotion. Thank you Nitin for this wonderful course.

Gennext wealth advisors
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Nitiya Sapru

The course was comprehensive covering most of the social media platforms. Nitin explained each platform in detail and highlighting how it can be useful for various professions / product. He is knowledgeable, confident and very passionate about social media. An extremely patient and approachable person - he made sure we completed all the platforms even if the classes got extended, as sometimes we took extra time to understand some platforms in detail. A course worth doing to enhance your social media skills and the applications of each and meet an honest soul - Nitin :)

Freelance research analyst

Khushboo Vaghani

The social media training conducted by Npr training institute the course content was touched various the social media platforms. Each concept was explained Indepth in theory as well a practically .Nitin has been a very patient teacher and providing individual attention to each person .Would just say all his experience packed in a 6 week training program. It has been an amazing learning experience.

Founder of Tincture